MONZA (ITALY) - 2015

Project and works supervision.
In 2015, SPAZIOGAMES opened its new headquarters. Since 1999, this website is one of the most important ones dedicated to information about videogames, movies ad technology.
The industrial building, dating back to the 60's, has been completely refurbished and equipped with all the necessary technological systems.
Natural materials with high technical performance have been selected for the energy and acoustic redevelopment.
Brightness is guaranteed by big windows, while the colour chosen for the walls, green, is visually connected with the green outside.
The headquarters consist of:

  • A wide open space area with the operational workstations, from where all editing and marketing activities are administered. There is also a corner dedicated to meetings and unboxing.
  • A wet bar area
  • A technical room where all the several technological devices are combined and rationalised
  • A recording room for live streaming with a cabin for the audio recording.

All furniture has been customised. The operational workstations are equipped with a special cabling system that allows the use of several devices.